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Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
that much appreciated and it's an honor to be introduced by my class late -- classmate john henry. john is the -- most of john's ancestors were prominent virginians during the period of the colonies but were mostly anti-crown so i asked asked john why is at it that patrick henry was the most outspoken? and his answer was incredibly -- richard it's because he was for. however poor he may have been patrick henry was a very rich warrior and one of his greatest features he said in the quote different and often see the same subject in different lights and therefore i hope it will not be disrespectful to those gentlemen if entertaining opinions of a character opposite to theirs and i shall speak forth my time is freely and without reserve. this is no time for ceremony. it's an awful moment for our country. patrick henry was addressing the repression of the american colonies by the british crown and tonight i wish to speak to a different kind of repression, the injustice of being held hostage by large financial institutions considered too big to fail or by the acronym tbt of. and unfair tax
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
. >> mayor john cook from el paso. from the panel, how important is it to present reform in his state of the city redress? >> it's extremely important. as i mentioned the opening, and, it has to be opened up and placed on track to not everybody knows in the united states of america, everybody today named, they have to know at the time has come to address the very serious issue and also tell the real story and the positive impact we have. we know that when you talk about billions of dollars being generated, hard-working people, people willing to do any type of job to support families, people want to work hard to support their case said they become engineers, scientists, this is the time. i think it has to be perhaps carved in a positive way, saying this is the right thing. it's absolutely important for president obama. it's the right time to make those comments. >> mayor, occasionally a nice, good policy and good politics come together in the right time and that's exactly what's going on with immigration reform. it's been a very public policy for a long time. now the politics seem to b
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
. what we found out, kids say things like john, when i opened my locker this morning, three doors down was a handle of the gun sticking down. there is a drug deal going to go down in the back of the gym. john, there's going to be a rumble. well, here's a were going to do. were going to propose. we think we believe school resource officers plan important role, but do you should have significantly more flexibility in how to use that. that's why we are proposing a new school safety program that funds officers, but also gives communities the flexibility to apply further support. through school resource officer will cost you accessing the dollars a year but the money the federal government is putting out. you can say we'd rather have a school psychologists we went to school resource officer who was unarmed. what we don't want the president and i, we don't want rent a cops in schools aren't. we don't want people to schools who are trained to please officers. when i've insisted schools whose police officers, but if the concluding the a psychiatrists in school resource officer, you can apply i
Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
strata. so i'm with him on that. >> were going to go next to family lewis, mark shields and john mccain in. [inaudible] >> i'm not surprised. >> we don't even have the go-ahead to begin such negotiations. assuming there is a negotiation that those involved in a fairly comprehensive free trade deal between the european union and asked, and take a look at what the issues are going to be, that's going to have a profound impact on the old regulatory regime both in this country and in europe. going into that, what would be your reservation about the deal that would emerge in those negotiations, what would you be most concerned about? >> you know, i said in a meeting of the group that in a case comment by position stated airways that we should undertake serious discussions between the u.s. and the e.u. at the same time, i think we need to be realistic. how is it to hot, over 10 years ago and i think they were unnecessarily optimistic views about how quickly it could be done and how uncomplicated it was ended turned out that caution was the better part of judgment. the e.u. has events regu
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4